SEO Agency & Freelance SEO Consultant, Brighton

How SEO agencies work

At last a freelance SEO who can deliver real results without the SEO agency price tag.

If you need a specialist to optimise your website for higher rankings in Google my freelance SEO service is for you. I work with businesses of all sizes as well as SEO agencies to tweak websites, create content and build the links you need to achieve better search rankings. And because I’m a freelancer I do it at a price which you won’t lose any sleep over! My day rates start from £350+ expenses (most SEO agencies charge £600+) and I create bespoke project plans for every site I work with so you’ll know exactly what to expect and when. You can also monitor the progress of your SEO campaign in real time with my easy to use software.

With experience working for a leading SEO agency, with my freelance SEO services I can deliver the same expert service you’d expect from a London or Brighton SEO agency, but without the hefty price tag.

My freelance SEO consultancy style is simple and straight to the point. I know when a company hires an SEO consultant or agency they want one thing and one thing only- improved search engine visibility – and fast.

I won’t spout off excuses like ‘SEO takes time’ or give you stacks of extra work to do yourself. My SEO strategies are fast, effective and can either be fully outsourced or delivered by your in-house marketing team under my guidance.

On this site you can find out more about my freelance SEO consultancy, read a bit about me or decide if a freelancer is right for you.


For a chat about how I can help your site, or for SEO agencies looking to outsource link building or consultancy to an experienced freelance SEO email me or use the contact form. Alternatively connect with me on linkedin.