Freelance SEO Services

affordable seo with clear, simple reporting

My freelance SEO service is for companies who want to work with a professional SEO consultant to improve their search engine rankings but don’t want to pay out the high day rates of top SEO agencies who often fail to live up to promises. If you choose to work with a freelancer on your SEO project you will deal with me and me only. I’ll explain everything I do in plain english (or won’t bore you with the details if you don’t want me too!) and will provide you with access to my SEO tools where you can check the progress of your campaign in real time.

I don’t offer a one size fits all SEO service but assess each project and establish it’s individual requirements. However this is the approach I take with most SEO projects. If you’re an agency or an in-house SEO and only require support with part of the SEO process I can help with that too.

I work on a flat day rate of ¬£350. That’s the same if you’re an agency or hire me directly.

SEO audits

If you haven’t done any SEO for your site in the past or if you just want to get a taste for my consultancy style I’d recommend you first order an SEO audit which is a comprehensive report on the most important SEO factors affecting your site.

Find out more about the SEO audit service.

Keyword discovery

I use several data sources to manually select the most valuable keywords to optimise your site for. Choosing the right keywords is absolutely critical and I spend some time making sure I get it right. Pick keywords which are too competitive and you’ll never see results. Pick keywords which are too easy and you won’t get enough traffic to give a positive return on your investment in SEO.

Content optimisation and technical compliance

This is where we optimise your pages to target your chosen keywords and do a thorough technical audit to identify anything which could be causing a stumbling block for search engines and impairing the sites ability to rank well.

This part of the proces invariably leads to changes to your website. Some will be simple like updating page titles or rewording copy but it might get more involved like adding new pages or changing server configuarations. I can either  make these changes for you on your site or can work with your website developers to get the changes made.

New content and link building

On a monthly basis new content will be added to your site in order to target additional keywords and attract links from other websites. Ultimately these links are what will dictate where Google ranks your site against your competitors so I’ll also use a number of link building techniques to increase the trust Google places in your site and the relevance with which your site is associated with your keywords. Link building strategies we use for your campaign will be decided based on your current position, the market you’re in and your budget but the techniques I use the most and find the most effective right now include:

  • Viral content promotion (online PR)
  • Mining of competitor links
  • Quality article marketing
  • Guest blogging
  • Text link advertising
  • Selected web directory placements

More about my link building services


Live performance reporting with my SEO tracking software (Raven Tools) will tell you exactly where you’re ranking for keywords, how much traffic and sales you’ve got from SEO and what links have been built to your site.

If you’re interested in having me run your SEO campaign (or any individual part of it) get in touch on or using my contact form. You might also be interested in reading about my pricing structure and typical SEO costs or finding out more about me.